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It’s been another turbulent year for UK dairy. Brexit and a big drop in UK milk production prompted a surge in commodity prices, with some suppliers warning shortages could hit retail shelves. Health officials ramped up their focus on the sector, forcing manufacturers to agree to dramatic sugar reduction targets. And there was a fresh wave of attacks on dairy farming from the media and vegan campaigners.

But while all brought new challenges to the sector, it also opened up new opportunities. Exports are booming, farmgate prices are finally rising, and there has been some fantastic innovation around low-sugar and high-welfare products.

So as Brexit and the sugar tax loom on the horizon, this year’s Dairymen will explore how the industry can take advantage of the dramatic shifts in the market to build a brave new world for British dairy that will benefit the whole supply chain, from farmer to consumer.

The features:

What are the big Brexit opportunities for British diary?

Is there a new dawn for dairy? We assess the big Brexit opportunities, where they lie and who is best placed to benefit from them.

Creative challenge: Great British Cheese campaign

British cheese exports are booming, but at home, Cheddar is losing out as shoppers seek excitement in the Continental cheese aisles. We challenge a creative agency to come up with a national PR campaign for British Cheese, to raise awareness of our wonderful regional varieties and remind consumers why British is best.

 Consumer research: What do consumers really think about diary?

A digital special exploring consumer attitudes on key dairy issues – from health to welfare and NPD, featuring custom research exclusively conducted for The Grocer Dairymen

Views from the Top: How should dairy fight back against negative press?

Dairy is increasingly under attack from animal welfare and vegan campaigners; plant-based milk alternatives are on the rise. We quiz senior executives in the dairy industry and crisis comms experts for their views.

Category Reports

Our category reports delve deeper into the industry, taking a closer look into what is affecting the dairy industry. We explore the impact of; Brexit, health officials, and consumer trends and how the industry is tackling these restrictions. Focus on; BSM, cheddar, continental cheese, dairy alternatives, dairy drinks, ice cream, milk, yoghurts and dairy for kids will all be covered in this year’s report. 

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