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Who’s flying high? Who’s down? Who’s out?

Market headwinds have led to a £400m decline for the top 100, but some are still sky high. How?

Grocery brands are falling back to earth with a bump. With deflation gripping the economy, competition for supermarket shelf space never fiercer and the discounters doing a roaring trade with their ‘like brands but cheaper’ promise, 56 of Britain’s 100 Biggest Grocery Brands have suffered a fall in value in the past year, and 61 have seen prices fall. What’s more, SKUs are being jettisoned as the major mults fight to maximise the profitability of their shelves.

What you’ll also find in this year’s report is proof of the value of targeted, creative, effective and well invested marketing: proof that when done properly, advertising can be so much more than just hot air; that it can help fuel a brand’s rise above the deflation that has grounded so many of Britain’s biggest brands in the past year.

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